Six Pack Abs Success!

I reached my goal of single digit body fat % with my abs visible without flexing!

My body weight dropped from about 214 when I started this plan a few months ago, to about 196 at the time of this video. Overall I was pleased with my fat loss progress while minimizing loss of lean tissue, especially since I just turned 42 y/o. It does take longer to reduce body fat % without losing significant amounts of muscle, but it is well worth it. By following the advice in these tutorials you can achieve similar results.

Some other factors I incorporated in the last few weeks was to count my calories using an online calculator (or phone app) like, to reduce my carbohydrates further on my non-training days, to get better quality sleep, and to take frequent cold showers / baths.

Remember, I wasn’t always lean and fit… just over 3 years ago I fell off track with my training and nutrition when I became a father.  I was almost 240 lbs with a flabby gut and big love handles.  Sure, I was still strong, but as far as appearance goes I felt like an embarrassment to my profession. Check out the “Before” photos below:

I learned a lot during my transformation, and nowI want to share as much as I can with my readers and clients.

My next goal related to body composition is to slowly gain more lean tissue while maintaining single digit body fat %. I’m looking forward to this challenge!

If you missed any of my previous six pack abs tutorials, you can check them all out here:

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Check out the complete training and nutrition program at

Wishing you success in your own quest for six pack abs!

Stay fit,


Download my proven fat loss resource today!

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6 Responses to Six Pack Abs Success!

  • Tremendous issues here. I am very satisfied to see your article.
    Thank you so much and I am looking forward to contact you.
    Will you kindly drop me a mail?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. Did you have a question for me?

      • Lilian says:

        i reflect this is genetel.I have a 4 pack and can never seem to reveal my lower abdominals It says no butter or oils and quick food in here and i have all three..I’m an ectomorph. so i can’t gain stout easily bcuz of my quick motabilism.. but i see now why it’s so hard.This should work for you guys, so take the time to try his out and tell us how u went.

  • Katrina says:

    Your tips about how to get a six pack is really good, thanks for your information.

    • Shahid says:

      If you’re a man you must get your body stout level to at nominal anmuot 8%percent bf , if your woman your body stout must be not more than 12%. So to answer your question depends on how quickly you can get your body stout reduced.1 pound is equal 3500 calories.

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