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Welcome to Top Form Fitness! My name is Josh Hewett; I'm a certified fitness professional with a degree in Kinesiology and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Have you noticed how confusing it can get with everything you hear about in the fitness industry and media lately? That's one of the main reasons I created this website, as a hub of information on how to get leaner, get stronger, build muscle, and transform your physique.

So now that you're here what should you do? First of all, check out the rest of my website to see what else I have to offer (which includes more free videos, articles, and blog posts).

Secondly, you can find out more about my background and qualifications by taking a look at my profile. Qualifications are important, but more importantly I've had the personal experience of transforming my own physique. I've actually applied what I've learned to successfully get results for myself and my clients.

Over the past several years, I've gained experience in many different areas of the fitness industry (including strength athletics, physique aesthetics, and calisthenics), but I specialize in physique transformation. Take 2 minutes to check out the video montage below which includes clips of my training and competition experience from over the past 15 years:

If are interested in training with me, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at 416-931-0800 or at my personal email: I offer 1 on 1 private training as well as group training at my elite private training studio in Barrie, Ontario. I also offer personalized Online Coaching for long distance clients.

Finally, grab my free training resources by simply entering your name and email in the form provided here:


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I wish you success in your fitness goals.

Let the Gains Begin,


Josh Hewett

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