How to Stay Fit at an All-You-Can-Eat Resort

I recently returned from an amazing family vacation in Mexico at a great all-inclusive resort. I feel like a new man!

Incredibly, I was able to maintain my nutrition plan while I was there, indulging primarily in high-quality protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beef) and a lot of vegetables… but with such an abundance of good food, my portions were admittedly larger than usual.

Since I committed to getting in great shape this year I had to make sure my training stayed on track while I was enjoying my relaxation in the sun and sand. My routine consisted of short interval training workouts (jog-sprint intervals) before breakfast, and primarily body weight ‘super-set’ workouts in the afternoon. I’m not a big fan of training on machines, so I had to adapt a little to the gym at the resort. Here’s an example of one of my resistance training ‘vacation workouts’:

Using this type of push-pull superset training, you can make your bodyweight workouts very productive. Many people consider their vacation to be a good time to take a break from exercising, however, once you get out of your routine it can be much harder to get back on track when you return home. A vacation is actually an excellent time to become more consistent with your training, by taking advantage of your additional free time. You can come back in better shape then when you left… and with a tan!

But it wasn’t “all workout and no play” for me… we also took time for a little adventure, on a Mayan Tour which included zip-lining, rappelling, and swimming in a natural cave “well”. Check it out:

That was certainly the highlight of the trip!

In my next post I’ll be giving you an update of my training for the upcoming Sporting Life 10K run, as well as explaining why I don’t think doing so much “cardio” is a very good idea. You might be surprised at what the research says!

Until then, stay fit!


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One Response to How to Stay Fit at an All-You-Can-Eat Resort

  • John Nelles says:

    Looks like a great vacation. I think you forgot the sunblock on the head there, my friend! The workout was very nice, and quick. lots of good ideas there.
    Glad you had fun, and the ruins and cable ride looked like a blast.

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