How to Meditate – The Many Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

There’s a common misunderstanding among most people that the main “goal” of life is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure (or at least to try to get comfortable). A lot of effort and attention is put on getting somewhere ‘better’, achieving something ‘different’, changing or improving ourselves, and getting more stuff so that we can feel better or be happy later.

Third-EyeA much more rewarding, kind, and adventurous approach to life is to develop an attitude of alert curiosity and awareness, regardless of whether our experience is seen as positive or negative. When we overcome prejudice and pettiness and the need for everything to happen the way we want, we open ourselves to a more full, joyful, passionate experience of life and as we endure both pain and pleasure we learn a lot about ourselves and life in general. We can also discover that we are already enough, and we already have everything we need, right here right now.

One method for practicing this approach to life is Mindfulness Meditation. This practice simply involves being completely awake, present, and aware of your current experience with total acceptance. There’s no need to judge any thoughts or feelings that arise as either good or bad… we’re not trying to get rid of anything. Simply be aware of anything you’re experiencing or thinking without judgement, and then let it go. This curious, gentle approach to self-observation helps us to accept ourselves as we are, and in the process become more understanding of others.

I now consider meditation to be the foundation of healthy, balanced living. With all of the benefits of meditation it doesn’t make sense not to include it in your daily routine. A few of these many benefits include:

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration. 
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The practice increases self-awareness. 
  • It increases happiness.
  • Meditation increases acceptance. 
  • It slows aging.
  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health

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Take charge of your health & appearance with natural solutions (guest post)

In a busy world such as we live in today, it’s not unusual for the day to day stress to reflect in your health as well as in your appearance. You may find it challenging to make time to look after your health as you should, or perhaps you are unsure of the best ways to do so.


As life gets busier and work and family are placing larger demands upon you, you my find that you are getting less sleep, less exercise, and feeling more stressed. While you may not be suffering from serious health conditions, the stress of daily life may affect you in different ways. This can be in form of fatigue, depression, achy muscles and joints, as well as how you look such as baggy eyes and tired looking skin. And let’s be honest, as much as we realize the importance of our health and wellness, most of us are also concerned with how we look. Your inner health and outer appearance usually go hand in hand.

The good news is that the solution to these problems is easily within your control. Some of the things you can do to reduce stress and improve your appearance can be done at home and don’t require much effort. Others have better results if you find professional guidance. Here are some natural solutions for leading a healthier life so you can look AND feel better. Continue reading

Why I am Learning Tai Chi

I always tend to keep a fairly full schedule, and engage myself with projects and activities that excite me, but this past few months have been particularly busy.  It wasn’t until I had a chance to slow down during this Canada Day long weekend that I actually realized just how fast my life was moving.  This becomes especially apparent as I watch my daughter grow right before my eyes at what appears to be an alarming rate.  Watching her also reminds me just how important it is to treasure every moment and really be present.  You can learn a lot from watching your children.

As much as I still believe that intensity is the key for getting results from your training, I also understand that this needs to be balanced with proper rest and recuperation (for your mind, body, and nervous system).  I have known for some time that I would benefit from adding a relaxing or calming activity into my health and fitness routine, but I never found something that resonated with me.  I don’t have the patience for meditation.  I’m not a proponent of yoga.  I tried guided relaxation with some success, but something was missing.  Recently, however, I was reminded of an activity that I had enjoyed practicing in the past, and I decided to try it again.

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