The Problem with the Fitness Industry

What the Hell is Wrong with the Weight Loss Industry?

I recently watched an excellent video created by Mike Howard of Lean Minded, where he basically throws the entire fitness industry under the bus. The thing is, he makes some important observations, his critique is well-founded, and he provides some great suggestions about what to do about it. His opinion on this topic is very similar to my own, and his advice is right in line with what I’ve been saying for a while now (on my blog, YouTube, and other social media).

I shared the video below in this article, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to check it out. He touches on several problems in the fitness industry at present:

  • People seem to believe that everything causes weight gain… except excess calories.
  • People are chasing a quick fix to get short term results for a single event, rather than making “fitness” a Lifestyle.
  • People obsess about minutia and argue about the smallest details related to training and nutrition, rather than learning the basics and looking at the big picture.
  • Everyone is focused on Extremes (black and white; good and bad; all or nothing) rather than striving for Balance.
  • “Fitness Experts” debate whether fat loss is 60%, 70% or 80% diet vs exercise, forgetting that it is 100% MINDSET. Continue reading

Tis the Season to Give Back to the Fitness Community (Guest Post)

I am actually a bit nervous offering up fitness advice on this man’s Blog. I am a runner, yet I am not sure I can run fast enough to escape the wrath of Josh Hewett should my words turn out to be rubbish. I do know some Karate, but there is no chopping your way through those Hewett warrior arms.


Take a look for yourself. Click back a page or two within the Top Form Fitness Web site, blog, tweets and Face book video archives… we have enough outstanding strength and conditioning  counsel to keep us going for a decade (or two).

This had better be good.

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How Strength Training Helped Me Build Inner Strength (Guest Post)

Foreword (Josh Hewett):

In today’s blog I have a guest post to share from a friend of mine, Paul Marsland. In his short article Paul describes how High Intensity Resistance Training has helped him overcome his darkest hour. His experience is a testimonial to the mental toughness and fortitude that is developed with this type of training and how it can help us tackle the seemingly insurmountable challenges that we face in our lives.

Guest Post By Paul Marsland

September 11th, 2011 is a date that will forever stay with me, as its the day that my Mum was taken from me. The news of her untimely death hit me like a bolt of lighting … the shock and grief was almost too much to bear. I, like many sons, was very close to my Mum; every other Sunday I would travel to her house and sit in the kitchen with her while she cooked dinner, and we would talk at length about life and things in general.

I’ve often told that I’m like my Mum in my ways and that there are certain characteristics I have inherited from her. After her death my training just went out the window as I didn’t really care about anything, such was the depth of my grief and mourning.  Even while she was ill I was still training… but in reality I was just going through the motions and used it as a distraction more than anything.

Fast forward nine months to May 27th 2012: I’m sitting with my then ex-fiancee in the Accident & Emergency ward of my local hospital waiting to be seen by a doctor. This was after the previous night, when I actually contemplated taking my own life.

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How Did Your Dad Influence or Inspire You? (Happy Father’s Day 2013!)

I’m dedicating today’s blog post to Father’s Day, in memory of my dad, Ed.

I want you to consider the ways in which your own father has inspired you or influenced you in your life. For me, fatherhood represents wisdom and strength; the wisdom of experience that can be passed down from father to son or daughter, and the strength to overcome adversity.

I’m certain that all of us have had to overcome difficulties in our lives. At some point we have all needed to dig deep and find that inner strength to help us survive tough times. Can you think of an example of a challenging experience like that? Do you remember what inspired you or gave you the fortitude to make it through?

I find my own life is full of challenges… It’s not easy to balance being a good father, supportive husband, considerate son, thriving business owner, diligent student, and still find time to train, sleep, and eat well. Regardless of how time-consuming and engaging my personal and business projects can become, my priority is still to spend quality time with my wife and daughter. Needless to say, being a busy dad can be as exhausting as it is rewarding; I’m sure the other dads reading this can back me up on that!

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Want Faster Results? It’s Time to Face These Facts

Last week I was watching the news and a particular story caught my attention. They were interviewing an elite Canadian athlete preparing for the upcoming winter Olympics, showing footage of his intense physical training program. The topic of discussion was that he also had to work a full time job on top of his athletic training, in order to pay his bills and afford proper coaching, training facilities, and nutrition. As a letter carrier for Canada Post this athlete was on his feet delivering mail for most of the day, followed by several hours of physical conditioning right after work!

I was curious about how many others are in this same position, so I did some research (thanks Google!) and discovered that there are many Canadian Olympic Athletes who are working full time or part time jobs in addition to over 20 hours of hard training each week. When you take this into consideration, it really makes you appreciate the years of sacrifice and dedicated training that goes into developing an athlete of Olympic caliber.

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What Motivates You?

When it comes to getting in great shape, I’ve always maintained that one’s attitude and mindset is at least as important as the “how-to’s”, such as nutrition and exercise. To reach any goal you need to be committed to achieving it. It all comes down to DEEP COMMITMENT. So what does it mean to be committed? To me it means you are obsessed with successfully reaching your goal.

You have to be strongly motivated, but this motivation needs to come from within. This is more like “inspiration” rather than “motivation“. I can try to motivate the Hell outta you, but until you are intrinsically motivated and deeply committed your results will likely be short-lived.

I want to share a story with you that I believe provides a good example of what I’m talking about here. It’s a true story about two frogs I knew named Jack and Jill.   😉

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Reduce Your Waist – 3 Lessons From Rob Ford

I couldn’t help but hear the news about Rob Ford over the last couple of days. On the weekend he announced that he was officially “giving up” on his Cut the Waist Challenge, just 3 weeks before it was scheduled to finish. This was after missing several scheduled weigh-ins. Yes, this is the same challenge that he publicly started in January to raise money for charity and help motivate others to get leaner. To be honest, I thought it was a smart idea at the time… he creates a media buzz for himself, creates accountability for reaching his fat loss goals, and sends a positive message at the same time. Good for you Rob!

But, wow… did he ever disappoint me. He not only let himself down, but he let down everyone whom he had offered to help motivate.

Now I want to make something clear – I’m not disappointed in Rob because he failed to reach his goal. He didn’t let us down because he cheated on his “diet” (I hate that word!).


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What Is Your Inspiration?

I just spent a great Father’s Day with my wife and daughter, my 2 favorite people on earth, which made me realize how lucky I am… and how much I love spending my Sundays like this! This got me thinking about what is really important to me in my life, and what motivates me to improve myself and grow as a person, as well as with my business.

I recently attended a weekend seminar for business and personal development, and one of the exercises they had us do to help us become more motivated and focused on our goals was to put together a short “Why” video. My WHY video is a collection of images that remind me of what is important to me in my life… what inspires me and drives me to do what I do, and to grow personally and professionally. This is my WHY video… let me know what you think:

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