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Gold Medal Bodies Parallettes One Program

If you’ve been following my blog for the last few months, you know that I’ve been pursuing bodyweight training / calisthenics for a while now. I’m very pleased that I’m able to perform several exercises that I could never do in the past, such as muscle ups, handstand pushups (on the wall), pistol squats, and standing ab wheel rollouts. I’m also close to mastering the front lever and human flag.

The set of exercises that I’ve been having the greatest difficulty with have been the parallette skills. Planche and press progressions on the parallettes KILL me! Thankfully I was referred by a friend of mine who is really into this stuff to check out Gold Medal Bodies.

The GMB crew are experts at coaching this type of gymnastics / bodyweight type training, and offer a broad selection of awesome programs (for rings, parallettes, handstands, flexibility, floor work, and more). I ended up picking up their new Parallettes One course, and I gotta say I’m very impressed. They have detailed video demonstrations and training manual descriptions for every level of progression for every exercise from beginner through intermediate to the advanced program (which would be Parallettes 2).

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Stay Fit on Vacation using Body Weight Training

I just returned from Florida for a relaxing 10 days of vacation with family.  I got some much needed rest, sunshine, food, and ‘entertainment’, but I also got in some great workouts!  I’ve always found that during a vacation is a perfect time to step up my fitness routine.

However, it’s common for many people to fall off track with their health and fitness goals while on vacation.  Their regular routine is disrupted, the exercise facilities are less than adequate, and there is probably an abundance of food and alcohol available.  It’s no wonder a lot of people tend to gain a little body fat on their holiday travels.

But by following some basic exercise and nutrition tips, and by looking at your vacation ‘free time’ from a different perspective, you can come back from your trip in better shape than when you left.
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