Coach Green’s St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Workout

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner I wanted to set my readers up with a training and nutrition plan to help off-set the potentially unwanted effects of this inebriation celebration. I knew just the man for the job… I contacted an old friend of mine, Coach Green, to put together a quick but challenging program for us. It doesn’t require any equipment aside from a chin up bar… and a bucket. Here is Coach Green’s 4 Leaf Clover Hangover Workout (Warning- I can’t be held responsible for Coach Green’s conduct … viewer discretion advised): 

 Here is an outline of the full program:

4 Stations. 4 Rounds of these 4 Stations.

1 minute intervals: maximum reps in 40 seconds per exercise (with 20 seconds rest).

4 second repetitions (Tempo 3:0:1)

Station 1: Leprechaun Lunge (ie: Skater Lunge) – Left Leg

Air Lunges

Station 2: Leprechaun Lunge (ie: Skater Lunge) – Right Leg

Air Lunge Opposite Side

Station 3: Pot ‘o Gold Pushups
(tuck knee to same side elbow at the top of each pushup).

Pot o' Puke Pushups

Station 4: Shenanigan Chin Ups

Slow Chin ups

Repeat for 4 rounds.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

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