How Posture Affects Hormones – Flexion vs Extension | Boost Testosterone

I recently interviewed a long-time friend and colleague of mine, Scott Grisewood of Shockwave Therapy Centre in Barrie, Ontario, about the relationship of posture and movement patterns to our hormones, mood and physical performance. Check out the full video interview (including exercise demonstrations and research references) here:

Specifically, we discussed how our flexion-dominant society can lead to poor posture, increased stress hormone levels (ie: cortisol), negative emotions, and poor performance. We then addressed how to combat this predicament by training extension and external rotation to become an unconscious autonomic movement pattern, which can actually lead to an increase in testosterone production, reduced cortisol, improved muscular balance / symmetry, and greater strength / performance.

You can find out more about the Amy Cuddy study that relates body position and posture to our mood and hormones here:

=> Power Posture for Improved Performance

Also check out her Ted Talk here:

We briefly demonstrate the revolutionary Extension Circuit developed by David Lemke, which can train your extensor / external rotator chain to “switch on” as a natural, unconscious movement pattern.

One of the accessories used in that Extension Circuit (which is also a useful tool for regular gym training) is the Flexsolate Grip-Free Training Cuff. I currently use these for my back / pulling workouts. Here’s the EMG study that shows how much more muscle activation and isolation results from using these straps:

=> Greater Muscle Activation using Grip-Free Straps

Watch the Flexsolate founder, Terry Baldwin, explain the benefits of this training accessory:

To contact Scott Grisewood or learn more about his work, check him out on Facebook at Shockwave Therapy Centre.

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