Basic Home Workout for Beginners

Many of the clients I see are starting out with minimal training experience and are working out in their own home. As people progress with their strength and fitness they often prefer to get a gym membership or to purchase exercise equipment for their home gym. I already have videos demonstrating gym workouts as well as how to set up a kick ass home gym, but beginners typically don’t need access to a lot of equipment to get started.

In the video below I demonstrate a basic beginner home workout using only one’s body weight, a resistance band, and an exercise ball:

Variations and progressions of this routine should be enough to challenge most beginners for the first several weeks of training. I also recommend performing a proper warm up before every workout to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Check out my Dynamic Warm Up and Core Activation video here:

=>How to Warm Up Properly

Here’s an outline of this beginner home workout for you as well:


More advanced alternatives to the resistance band row would be to progress to using a door mounted chin up bar and/or TRX suspension straps to perform chin ups or inverted rows. Regardless, there is plenty of room to progress this basic workout as you get stronger.

Until next time,

Stay strong!


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