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Your Ticket to the GunShow (Big Arms Routine)

Every red-blooded man with hair on his balls wants bigger, more muscular arms. It’s in our DNA. This is now one of my big goals for 2014… I plan on adding at least one inch to each arm within THREE months!

How the heck do I plan on doing this? Well, the first step to growing bigger arms is to focus on gaining some quality muscle mass over your entire frame, by following a solid hypertrophy / muscle-building program, such as my Basic Anabolic Hypertrophy Training (BAHT) program and nutrition plan.  I don’t recommend focusing on smaller muscle group too much until you have a decent base to build from.  I don’t suggest trying to add inches to your arms during a “cutting phase”, or while following a caloric deficit. You need to be ready to gain some weight.

Check out my BAHT blog post HERE: Basic Anabolic Hypertrophy Training

Once you’ve gained a few pounds of overall muscle on your frame, then you can start focusing on specialized arm training. Let’s look at a few ways to emphasize arms and trigger greater growth:

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How to Gain More Muscle Mass – GET BIG Program

After focusing on losing body fat for over a year, and successfully achieving a single digit body fat % as well as the coveted “six pack”, I’ve decided that I now look a little too “skinny” for my liking. So I’ve taken on a new goal, which is to gain a few pounds of muscle while minimizing fat gain. In preparation for this goal I’ve added to my knowledge of hypertrophy by doing a serious amount of reading, as well as speaking with other fitness experts who are well versed in the science of growing muscle.

From what I’ve learned, I’ve put together what I believe to be a solid hypertrophy program. I’m about to list all the principles for WHY I set it up this way, so this may be a long post (bear with me!):

I’m calling it BAHT (Basic Anabolic Hypertrophy Training). It follows some similar principles to a program called HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) which you may have heard of, but is still unique in several ways as you’ll see.


First of all, here’s a link to an expert guest blog post on How to Induce Hypertrophy…y-gain-muscle/

And another link to one of my other blog posts where I review a Hypertrophy Seminar I attended lead by Big Ben Pakulski: 

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