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Strengthen Your Neck, Reduce Pain, Increase Lifts

In general, there isn’t only one common cause of neck pain that applies to everyone, yet many people suffer from neck pain. If you have chronic neck pain, you may have received a diagnosis of disc herniation, whiplash, strain, sprain or something else. Frequently those who work at a desk all day experience neck pain related to postural issues, and even fitness fanatics get the occasion pain in the neck from intense training or heavy lifting.


Regardless, most of these conditions have one thing in common: Certain muscles are affected, and these are the muscles we need to target before progressing to more challenging exercises or activities. There are certain muscles in the neck that are designed to help us maintain our normal and healthy curve of the spine. In addition, these muscles are designed to hold our head up all day.

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My Pre and Post Workout Supplements Review

Someone on Facebook recently asked me what supplements I recommend before and after a workout. ¬†Since pre-workout powders and drinks seem to be all the rage right now, and everyone is also talking about what supplements to take during and after your workout to optimize recovery and maximize “dem gainz”, I decided to shoot a video discussing my own peri-workout recommendations:

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Prevent Illness with the Power of Vitamin D

Every winter we get inundated by what I call “flu shot ads”… basically a marketing campaign to promote the importance of getting the flu vaccine. Well, I suppose this makes sense, because this is the “flu season”, although the flu vaccine may carry with it a few health risks itself; but there is another way to safely protect yourself against the flu virus. Vitamin D!

Vitamin D

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Gym Chat #217: Interview with Zach Even Esh (Underground Strength Coach)

In this Gym Chat we are very fortunate to have a special guest with us to discuss hard-core, old-school, no bullshit, “underground” strength training: Zach Even Esh!

Are you confused by all the hype and gimmicky trends in the fitness industry? Ready to cut through the crap to learn some raw essentials of getting strong and athletic?

Zach Even-Esh is an author, YouTube fitness celebrity, founder of the Underground Strength Gym, and creator of the Underground Strength Coach Certification.

Zach Tire Flip


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