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IIFYM (aka Flexible Dieting) vs Clean Eating


A friend and colleague of mine, Kane Sumabat, is one of the most fit, muscular, lean and aesthetic guys I know, and yet poptarts, pizza, hamburgers, and bacon are staples of his diet. How can he stay in such great shape while consuming all of that so-called “junk food”?

Keep in mind, those aren’t his cheat meals… they are just some of his food choices that fit into his carefully planned nutrition program. Once he described his nutritional philosophy to me I was interested to learn more about it, so I began to do some research. I’d like to share some of what I discovered in this article.

When it comes to losing body fat, gaining weight, and transforming your physique overall, the primary factor to consider is nutrition. Obviously an intelligent approach to training is necessary, but for most people if the diet isn’t on point the results will be disappointing.

With this knowledge in mind, what is the ideal approach to a solid nutrition plan? There are so many different “diets” available to us, how do we know what to choose? For example:

  • There’s the popular low carb / no carb diets like Atkins or Cyclic Ketosis (which may work, but are unreasonable to maintain long term);
  • Low-fat diets (which are ridiculous and unhealthy!);
  • Paleo “Caveman” diet (which I actually like, but still feel it is lacking in some respects, such as tracking your nutrient intake);
  • South Beach diet (may have health benefits, but is not comprehensive);
  • Intermittent Fasting (this is more of an “eating schedule” than it is a “diet”. Learn more on my I.F. blog post HERE)
  • Vegetarian and Vegan diets (again, despite some benefits tends to be very restrictive and difficult to achieve balanced nutrient intake)

=> Watch my video on Veganism HERE!

And the list goes on and on. In this article I want to discuss two very popular nutritional approaches and compare the pros and cons of each. These two nutrition “plans” are called IIFYM and “Clean Eating.”

What is IIFYM?

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How Strength Training Helped Me Build Inner Strength (Guest Post)

Foreword (Josh Hewett):

In today’s blog I have a guest post to share from a friend of mine, Paul Marsland. In his short article Paul describes how High Intensity Resistance Training has helped him overcome his darkest hour. His experience is a testimonial to the mental toughness and fortitude that is developed with this type of training and how it can help us tackle the seemingly insurmountable challenges that we face in our lives.

Guest Post By Paul Marsland

September 11th, 2011 is a date that will forever stay with me, as its the day that my Mum was taken from me. The news of her untimely death hit me like a bolt of lighting … the shock and grief was almost too much to bear. I, like many sons, was very close to my Mum; every other Sunday I would travel to her house and sit in the kitchen with her while she cooked dinner, and we would talk at length about life and things in general.

I’ve often told that I’m like my Mum in my ways and that there are certain characteristics I have inherited from her. After her death my training just went out the window as I didn’t really care about anything, such was the depth of my grief and mourning.  Even while she was ill I was still training… but in reality I was just going through the motions and used it as a distraction more than anything.

Fast forward nine months to May 27th 2012: I’m sitting with my then ex-fiancee in the Accident & Emergency ward of my local hospital waiting to be seen by a doctor. This was after the previous night, when I actually contemplated taking my own life.

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