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How to Induce Hypertrophy

So you want to gain some lean muscle?  You’re looking to get “swole” but you’re getting confused by all the different training recommendations? Well, you’re in luck. My friend and colleague Jay Horn has shared this guest post detailing the key causes of hypertrophy. If you follow his suggestions and make sure your nutrition is on point (you are consuming adequate calories and macro-nutrients), you will grow. Let’s take a closer look:

How to Induce Hypertrophy

By Jay Horn

Hypertrophy is a multifactorial process – this includes:

  • Inroad (weakening of muscle)
  • Increased progressive tension
  • Accumulated fatigue (hormonal response)
  • Microtrauma (tearing of muscle fibers where repair and growth can occur)

No matter what the muscles MUST undergo a progressive tension stimulus.

There are different training protocols out there that produce results, but nonetheless this is the most important factor: Progressive tension. This means one must load the muscle efficiently and have enough recovery ability to go back in and progress from the previous workout. If this is not balanced you WILL NOT GROW.

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I Want Fitness 4 Christmas

Santa’s job isn’t easy.

He spends an entire year preparing to deliver BILLIONS of presents all over the planet… all in one night.  This requires him to run a full time toy factory, manage a staff of dozens of elves, and keep up a reindeer farm. Plus he has to answer millions of personal letters from his fans, do thousands of “mall gigs”, collect money for charities, and appear on hundreds of commercials, TV shows, and movies every year.  Sometimes it seems like he has to be in two or more places at the same time. Can you imagine the stress he must be under? Talk about cortisol production! And he manages this on a diet of almost exclusively cookies, milk, and candy.

Santa's Fitness Resolution

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