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Gold Medal Bodies Parallettes One Program

If you’ve been following my blog for the last few months, you know that I’ve been pursuing bodyweight training / calisthenics for a while now. I’m very pleased that I’m able to perform several exercises that I could never do in the past, such as muscle ups, handstand pushups (on the wall), pistol squats, and standing ab wheel rollouts. I’m also close to mastering the front lever and human flag.

The set of exercises that I’ve been having the greatest difficulty with have been the parallette skills. Planche and press progressions on the parallettes KILL me! Thankfully I was referred by a friend of mine who is really into this stuff to check out Gold Medal Bodies.

The GMB crew are experts at coaching this type of gymnastics / bodyweight type training, and offer a broad selection of awesome programs (for rings, parallettes, handstands, flexibility, floor work, and more). I ended up picking up their new Parallettes One course, and I gotta say I’m very impressed. They have detailed video demonstrations and training manual descriptions for every level of progression for every exercise from beginner through intermediate to the advanced program (which would be Parallettes 2).

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Managing Your Cheat Meals

The nutrition plan for my Get Lean Program, although being well-balanced for long term results, may still be considered a bit restrictive for some people.  A reduction in caloric intake, starchy carbohydrates and processed foods can seem extreme to those who have developed non-supportive eating habits.  For this reason, among others, a Cheat Day (also referred to as a “Refeed Day”) is recommended in my program. Psychologically, it’s much easier to make changes to your nutrition when you know you will have an opportunity to indulge yourself on occasion. Re-feed Days also have a very real benefit to your long term fat loss physiologically.

Here is an example of one of my more recent cheat meals… this is after a powerlifting competition and a few of us decided to go all out:

Despite being somewhat controversial, the idea of a cheat day, or at least a cheat meal, is a common element in many popular nutrition plans and diets.  Myself, I cheat almost every Saturday (if I’ve been in a caloric deficit for at least a few weeks). I consume extra calories from whatever sources I want (as long as I don’t “undo” my net caloric deficit for the week). The main reason I include a weekly cheat meal is not so much for the mental aspect or to settle any cravings, but rather to support a healthy metabolism.

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