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Six Pack Abs Success!

I reached my goal of single digit body fat % with my abs visible without flexing!

My body weight dropped from about 214 when I started this plan a few months ago, to about 196 at the time of this video. Overall I was pleased with my fat loss progress while minimizing loss of lean tissue, especially since I just turned 42 y/o. It does take longer to reduce body fat % without losing significant amounts of muscle, but it is well worth it. By following the advice in these tutorials you can achieve similar results.

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Train your brain for faster fat loss results

We live in an age where almost everyone has access to more health and fitness information than ever before, yet more than half of our population in North America is overweight.  Information is important, but there is something else that needs to be addressed: the mental aspect.

If all it took was “How-To’s” we’d all be fit, rich and happy.

Before you’ll see any lasting transformation in your body, there has to be a transformation of your mindset and your habits.

The brain is like a powerful super-computer; it has an amazing ability to find solutions to challenges and discover ways to reach your goals.  However, your brain makes a much better servant than master… if left unguided its primary focus will be to keep you safe, avoid risk, and basically resist “progress” by keeping you in your comfort zone.

Therefore you need to give your mind clear and focused direction regarding what you want to accomplish and your brain will almost miraculously find a way to accomplish your goals.

Based on everything I’ve studied, learned and experienced, there are FOUR primary factors to consider related to programming your mind for success; these include:

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Sleep is a powerful fat burner

Good sleep is one of the cornerstones of good health.  While 6 to 8 hours is widely accepted as the optimal amount of sleep for most adults, getting too little or even too much sleep can negatively affect your health.

Sleep deprivation has become so common that many people may not even realize they are suffering from it.  Some of the serious problems that a sleep deficit can cause include:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Poor memory
  • Poor concentration and mental performance
  • Poor physical performance
  • Stress related disorders such as heart disease, ulcers, and depression
  • Reduced growth hormone produced (accelerating the aging process)
  • Hunger and weight gain

Stay Fit on Vacation using Body Weight Training

I just returned from Florida for a relaxing 10 days of vacation with family.  I got some much needed rest, sunshine, food, and ‘entertainment’, but I also got in some great workouts!  I’ve always found that during a vacation is a perfect time to step up my fitness routine.

However, it’s common for many people to fall off track with their health and fitness goals while on vacation.  Their regular routine is disrupted, the exercise facilities are less than adequate, and there is probably an abundance of food and alcohol available.  It’s no wonder a lot of people tend to gain a little body fat on their holiday travels.

But by following some basic exercise and nutrition tips, and by looking at your vacation ‘free time’ from a different perspective, you can come back from your trip in better shape than when you left.
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