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Reduce Your Waist – 3 Lessons From Rob Ford

I couldn’t help but hear the news about Rob Ford over the last couple of days. On the weekend he announced that he was officially “giving up” on his Cut the Waist Challenge, just 3 weeks before it was scheduled to finish. This was after missing several scheduled weigh-ins. Yes, this is the same challenge that he publicly started in January to raise money for charity and help motivate others to get leaner. To be honest, I thought it was a smart idea at the time… he creates a media buzz for himself, creates accountability for reaching his fat loss goals, and sends a positive message at the same time. Good for you Rob!

But, wow… did he ever disappoint me. He not only let himself down, but he let down everyone whom he had offered to help motivate.

Now I want to make something clear – I’m not disappointed in Rob because he failed to reach his goal. He didn’t let us down because he cheated on his “diet” (I hate that word!).


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MRT Super-Set Program for Revealing Your Abs

In today’s post I will be continuing the tutorial series for my Pursuit of 6 Pack Abs. This time I want to share an outline of another Metabolic Resistance Training program I use for getting leaner. I previously introduced a circuit training program which I suggested using for about 3 weeks (Metabolic Conditioning Phase). Now it’s time to move on to the Metabolic Drive Phase which involves heavier weights and antagonist super-sets.

It’s a three day split, to be performed on alternate days. Perform 3 HIIT sessions per week as well, on your “off” days. Here are the videos for each workout:

Day One: Upper Push-Pull Horizontal Plane

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