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Handstand Push Up Progressions

How many of you would be interested in developing tremendous upper body strength, injury-proof shoulder stability, superior balance and coordination, and sculpted shoulder muscles… all without any exercise equipment? Count me in! That’s why I decided to train myself to be able to perform handstand push ups. When I first started training for this movement a few weeks ago I could barely even hold myself in a handstand position against the wall, so I’m going to need to start with the basics… which is good for you, my readers, because I’ll be videotaping my progress and sharing it as a series of training tutorials!

The handstand push up is similar to performing an overhead shoulder press using your own body-weight, while upside down. I currently have no ambitions to perform this exercise in a “free standing” balance position, so I’ll be resting my feet against the wall for added balance. We’ll see … once I get strong at it I may look at progressing to the next level of insanity.

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High Intensity Interval Training for 6 Pack Abs

In my previous post in my Pursuit of 6 Pack Abs (which was the first one of this series) I described several key nutritional strategies for blasting belly fat and revealing those abs. This time we are going to look at a key training strategy for getting leaner while keeping your hard earned muscle… it’s called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT involves alternating between phases of higher and lower intensity cardio-type exercise. This type of training has several distinct benefits over traditional LSD (long slow distance) cardio, as discussed in my previous blog post “Is Cardio Really That Effective for Weight Loss”.

A few of these benefits include:

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