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Is Cardio Really That Effective for Weight Loss?

Hello again!

Spring is finally here (although you wouldn’t know from the weather we’ve been having), and everyone is looking to get leaner for the warm weather. This means it’s time to start doing more cardio for weight loss and cutting your calories way back, right?

Not quite.

I’d like to challenge the common belief that doing a lot of cardiovascular exercise is the best way to improve your overall fitness and to reduce body fat. But first I want to update you on how my training has been going for the Sporting Life 10K Run … which is TOMORROW! I had planned on posting more updates on my training during the week, but it’s been busy… so, better late than never. (See my previous post for more details)

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How to Stay Fit at an All-You-Can-Eat Resort

I recently returned from an amazing family vacation in Mexico at a great all-inclusive resort. I feel like a new man!

Incredibly, I was able to maintain my nutrition plan while I was there, indulging primarily in high-quality protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beef) and a lot of vegetables… but with such an abundance of good food, my portions were admittedly larger than usual.

Since I committed to getting in great shape this year I had to make sure my training stayed on track while I was enjoying my relaxation in the sun and sand. My routine consisted of short interval training workouts (jog-sprint intervals) before breakfast, and primarily body weight ‘super-set’ workouts in the afternoon. I’m not a big fan of training on machines, so I had to adapt a little to the gym at the resort. Here’s an example of one of my resistance training ‘vacation workouts’:

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Run For Their Lives!

OK, I think I need to start by telling you how I got myself into this predicament…

I was speaking to one of my clients, Giselle, (who also happens to be a personal trainer, and a long distance runner) about how I don’t think long distance running is a particularly healthy way to train.  I proceeded to put my foot into my mouth by claiming that I could keep up with a runner without training like one, by simply being fit and strong from following my regular strength training and interval training program.  Naturally, Giselle invited me to put my “money where my mouth is” by signing up for an upcoming charity run.  I said I’d think about it, which I suppose was good enough for her… because the next day I received an email confirming that I’d been signed up for the Sporting Life 10K Run on May 1st!

Thanks a lot Giselle.

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